Christmas In St. Lucia


 “Indulge in a luxurious Christmas escape to St. Lucia at Cap Maison Resort and Spa. Enjoy VIP treatment, catamaran sails, and adventure activities. Note: Flights and Visa not included.”

Celebrate the festive season from December 21st to 26th with an unparalleled Christmas experience in St. Lucia. Kick off your holiday with VIP clearance at immigration for a seamless entry into the enchanting atmosphere. Enhance your experience with round-trip airport transfers, allowing you to focus on the joy and festivities of this tropical island retreat.

Spend 5 nights in luxury at Cap Maison Resort and Spa, where comfort meets elegance. Delight in a thrilling Catamaran Day Sail, exploring St. Lucia’s coastlines and crystal-clear waters with unparalleled vistas.

For those seeking adventure, both the Adrena Line and Aerial Tram promise exhilarating experiences amid the lush landscapes of the island. Moreover, this exclusive package, priced at $5,600 for two people sharing a room, offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure in a tropical paradise. Furthermore, the unique combination of thrilling activities and serene escapes makes this package an ideal choice for those craving both excitement and tranquility during their tropical getaway.

Note that the specified price excludes flights and visa fees, granting flexibility in managing your travel and documentation at your convenience. For inquiries or personalized touches to elevate your St. Lucia Christmas Experience, reach out to us. Delve into our diverse selection of enchanting Christmas packages, each meticulously crafted for a unique holiday experience. Uncover the array of possibilities this festive season and let us tailor the perfect getaway for you.



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"Luxurious Christmas St. Lucia Package - Aerial view of a serene St. Lucia beach with palm trees and boats, highlighting exclusive holiday deals at www.leryhago.com"Christmas In St. Lucia
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