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Omolere Oiku Founder -

Omolere Oiku, our visionary Co-founder, started Lery B travels in 2018, driven by a passion to unlock the world for those closest to her. Transforming into Leryhago, we grew into a symphony of travel expertise, offering everything from flight bookings to personalized tours.

Our pivot in 2018 to a people-first philosophy meant every journey we plan is a chapter in your personal adventure book. We’ve guided over 500 clients through their travel stories, designing more than 200 unique vacation packages, and achieving a remarkable 98% success rate in visa approvals.

At Leryhago, we don’t just plan trips; we curate experiences that become a part of your story, ensuring each trip is as unique and special as you are.”

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Mission & Vision

At Leryhago, our narrative is not just about travel; it’s a commitment to redefine the journey. Our vision is clear – to become the preeminent global travel concierge, setting new industry benchmarks. Every trip with us is a significant milestone, a step towards achieving unparalleled excellence in travel services. This vision shapes our pursuit of transforming every destination into a unique and enriching experience.

The essence of Leryhago is encapsulated in our core values: Passion, Reliability, Innovation, Confidentiality, and Excellence. Our team’s passion fuels our drive to exceed expectations and deliver extraordinary experiences. Reliability and trust form the foundation of our client relationships. Innovation keeps us ahead, continually enhancing our services with creative and cutting-edge solutions. Confidentiality is a solemn promise, safeguarding our clients’ privacy with the utmost respect.

Above all, our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that every Leryhago experience is exceptional, setting us apart as a leader in the travel industry. At Leryhago, we’re not just planning trips; we’re curating life-enriching experiences, inviting every client to be a part of our ever-growing family.

Welcome aboard to a world where each journey is a story, and every story is a part of our legacy.

Why Choose Leryhago?

Exceptional service

Take in the world’s beautiful places, eat the finest food, and stay in the grandest hotels and resorts without sweating the details.

Amazing experiences

Sunny beaches, ultramodern cities, heritage sites, and more. Choose from several awe-inspiring destinations and well-curated activities that leave you with long-lasting memories.

Expert tour guides

Gain cultural and historical insight and expert guidance with our network of knowledgeable and professional tour guides.

Reliable customer support

Our unrivaled team remains on standby to address your concerns and assist you through every step of your trip.

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