Bliss in Naija: Romantic Luxury at Jara Beach Resort


Package Inclusion (13th – 16th February 2024)

-3 nights in 5 star Resort- Jara beach resort (All inclusive; breakfast, lunch,dinner,snacks & drinks)
– Floating breakfast
-Sunset Picnic on Valentine’s day (Romantic Beach side Dinner, candles inclusive available at extra cost)
-Horse riding
-Spa and wellness massage
-Room decoration with petals and balloons
-DIY Painting Experience
– Free Access to Games, Pool area and Park
– Complementary WiFi


Indulge in unparalleled romance with our “Bliss in Naija” package at Jara Beach Resort. Enjoy 3 nights of all-inclusive luxury, featuring exquisite meals, snacks, and drinks. Experience unique offerings like a floating breakfast, a sunset picnic on Valentine’s Day with optional romantic beachside dinner, horse riding, and a relaxing spa and wellness massage.

 The package includes thoughtful touches such as room decoration with petals and balloons, a DIY painting experience, and complimentary access to games, pool area, park, and WiFi. Designed for couples seeking a blend of relaxation, romance, and exclusive activities.

“Romantic Luxury Getaway Jara Beach Resort: Bliss in Naija” invites you to embrace the epitome of romantic luxury at the stunning Jara Beach Resort. This 3-night all-inclusive package offers couples a serene and intimate escape. Start your days with a unique floating breakfast and enjoy gourmet meals throughout your stay.

Valentine’s Day is made special with a sunset picnic, complete with the option of a candlelit beachside dinner. Engage in activities like horse riding along the beach, unwind with a spa and wellness massage, and express your creativity with a DIY painting experience.

The resort’s thoughtful room decoration, including petals and balloons, sets a romantic ambiance. Enjoy leisure time with access to games, the pool area, and the park, all while staying connected with complimentary WiFi. Priced at $625 per couple, this package is the ultimate expression of love and luxury.

Create memories that last a lifetime with our ‘Romantic Luxury Getaway Jara Beach Resort: Bliss in Naija’—an enchanting experience curated for those seeking the pinnacle of romantic indulgence.

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"A joyful trio poses under the tropical sun, with a woman in a chic hat and sundress, a man in a vibrant red shirt and hat, and a young lady in a casual white tee and shorts, at a Nigerian Romantic Resort, with palm trees and a beach house in the background."Bliss in Naija: Romantic Luxury at Jara Beach Resort
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