Congratulations on your union! Now it’s time to plan the beginning of a lifetime. Chances are you’ve already started preparing but need more clarity on what to do. In that case, we have put together easy steps to plan a fantastic honeymoon.

Prepare early

Plan your honeymoon as you plan for your wedding. This is key to a trip you and your spouse will enjoy. We recommend starting eight months to a year ahead for adequate time to choose a dream destination, book tours, and do everything within your budget.


Do some research to find out what destination suits you both. Consider what you plan to do on your honeymoon. Do you want to relax and spend intimate moments together, or do you want to sightsee and go on adventures together? Your preferences will determine the best destination. Once decided, research the weather for your selected dates, security details, visa requirements, accommodation, and flights that work for you.


Plan it together

Coming together to plan your trip will make it more enjoyable as you consider each other’s desires. So, write down what you want individually and combine the list to get the best of both worlds. Remember, your honeymoon is about bonding and enjoying each other’s company.


Set a budget

Setting a budget will keep you both in line with your finances. To do this, decide on your average daily spend during the honeymoon. Then,  compile the necessary expenses with room for emergencies and miscellaneous items. Some expenditures to put into consideration are

  • Flights (round trip)
  • Accommodation (taxes included and on a double sharing basis)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks)
  • Sightseeing and tours
  • Local transfers (using public transportation to get around the city)
  • Miscellaneous and emergency funds


Use a travel agent

We get it; planning a wedding and a honeymoon is exhausting. So allow us to take the burden off you. Leryhago is an expert in creating a truly fulfilling experience, and we would love to plan the most memorable honeymoon for you and your spouse. We will help you stay within budget, discuss your options, prepare all the extras and advise you on everything you need to know regarding your trip.