Traveling is an excellent way to de-stress, but more often than not, our desire to explore the world and tick items off our bucket list gets impeded by low funds. So we’ve put together a few pointers on how to fund your next vacation.


Set a budget

First, find out the cost of your dream vacation. This should include personal expenses, flights, tours, and accommodation, with flexible room for emergencies and miscellaneous expenses. At Leryhago, we are always open to providing you with estimates for your trip. Once you have a figure, the next thing to do is plan.


Plan at least six months ahead

Consider your earnings and your regular budget to figure out what you can realistically save and how long it would take. You might need six months, a year, or more. Don’t fret over how long it takes because time flies by quickly.

Once you’ve visualized how much you’ll be saving and how long it would take, create a system to ensure you stick to it.


Open a vacation savings account

Create a different account for your travel budget so you don’t mix it up with your regular expense or savings account. Once you’ve done this, automate payments into the account and limit your access until it matures.


Be intentional

Life goes by fast, and there’s always one thing or the other to keep you from realizing your travel dreams. Hence, planning your vacation will require you to be intentional. This might look like cutting down on other budget items to make room temporarily and encouraging yourself with a daily motivation reminder or a vacation vision board.


Book at least two months ahead

Consider booking at least two months early. If you book too close to your travel date, flights and other expenses will be higher. So book earlier to reduce the chances of your expenses going higher than budgeted.


Consider off-peak seasons

Different vacation spots have peak and off-peak seasons, but summer and Christmas/New Year are generally two of the busiest travel periods. As a result of the high demand, prices for flights, accommodations, and nearly everything increase. So, research less active seasons that will give you a good experience.


You can pay us in installments

YES, we want to help you have the time of your life. However, we understand that the economy is playing a fast one on us all. Therefore, we have installment plans on all our travel packages. Check each package’s detail to find out how payment is spread.


Vacations are necessary. Everyone should be able to travel, tour to de-stress, explore different cultures and dishes (calories do not count while on vacation, lol), and more. YOU DESERVE IT, and we hope this article brings you closer to your goal.