Zanzibar is an archipelago in East Africa and one of the region’s top tourism hotspots.

Home to 1.3 million people, it’s a cultural melting pot of African, Arabic, Indian and European influences. This is evident in its architecture, languages, religions, and the sheer variety of spices on this island. The latter is a significant aspect of its economy, second only to tourism. With Leryhago’s Taste of Zanzibar Day, you will learn about Zanzibari culture as you explore the city of Stone Town and take in its beautiful sights, scents, and tastes.

Visiting Zanzibar soon? Here is a list of things you must do

1. Prison Island tour

Prison Island tour with Lery Hago

Changuu Island, a.k.a Prison Island, just off the coast of Stone town, was used as a prison for enslaved people deemed rebellious. It now houses sea turtles and tortoises that were initially gifts from Seychelles.

2. Stonetown tour

Stone town tour with Lery Hago

Stonetown is the cultural heart of Zanzibar. It was established by Arab traders and is one of the best places in the world to buy various types of spices.

3.  Safari Blue tour

Safari blue tour with Lery Hago

The highlight of a Zanzibar trip is the Safari Blue tour that takes you on a traditional wooden boat called a dhow to see the Spice Islands up close and spot rare dolphins. You also get to swim at a secret hidden spot in the lagoon.

4.  Snorkeling


Your tour in Zanzibar isn’t complete until you have experienced the beauty of the Indian Ocean and swimming with turtles and fishes.

5. Exploring native meals

Zanzibar food with Lery Hago

When in Zanzibar, eat like the Zanzibaris. First, try the local biryani and pilau. But don’t miss out on Zanzibar chocolate, Zanzibar pizza, the sumptuous mishkaki, and the octopus everything.